Coworking Cabins

  • Interactive Digital Screen

    Directly connected to the Internet, so you can hold your meetings accompanied by multimedia equipment in the cabin.

  • WiFi

    All cabins have wireless Internet via WiFi6.

  • Noise Attenuation

    You will be able to work with your team with the necessary privacy, as the cabins have ISO 23351 acoustic certification.

  • Airing

    Inside the cabin, you will have the same ambient climate as that found in the room, thanks to the air renewal system it has.

  • Booking system

    You can reserve them through the reservation system, regardless of the Faculty Library where the cabin is available.

  • Maximum Capacity

    6 people


It offers great well-being and comfort inside thanks also to its ventilation, LED lights and connectivity.

It is the perfect option for holding team meetings or developing brainstorming sessions. 

Sus laterales acristalados permiten que luz natural entre generando un ambiente cómodo. 

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